Martin 0-28K from 1929  (May - June 2021 Repair)
One of my best customers brought this koa guitar in for repair last year and it was uncertain if the top could be saved. I fixed it, but a year later, it was back for more serious attention.
I decided to remove the back and began with carefully detaching the ivoroid binding while leaving the purfling intact.
Next, ease the back off using a combination of heat, tools and patience.
The X braces were loose and cracked, two tone bars had already been removed by someone else during a previous repair, so a fresh start was required.
The back needed lots of attention, too. The braces were loose and the back had mildew and other debris. The back has been cleaned up and braces #3 and #4 are now being glued back in place in the radius dish.
This is the original X brace. Remarkably delicate. I won't try to re-use it on this repair.
New bridge plate
New X braces glued in being held in place with the Go-Bar.
When the old bridge pulled up it took a good amount of wood beneath it. I cleaned up the edges then inserted a piece of mahogany that was cut 150 years ago. This is sitting on top of the new bridge plate and will soon be sandwiched beneath the new bridge.
The original back braces have been re-attached. Attaching mahogany cleats along a crack line.
From this
As an homage to the original builder, I used one of the original finger braces that had fallen off as an X brace cap.
to this.
The headstock had some previous attention where a portion of pearl was attached, sections were removed, and it was horizontally pinned with a dowel.
I removed the original Brazilian rosewood veneer and replaced it with a new Brazilian rosewood piece.
After 78 hours of work it's ready for the customer to take home.
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